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Virgin Lifecare

  • Virgin Lifecare

    When Humana teamed up with Virgin to launch a new concept in health insurance, they required a full-blown launch campaign to gain agents' interest in the plan, and teach them what they needed to know in order to sell the plan effectively.

    Additionally, because of the tight branding guidelines of both Virgin and Humana the creative required a delicate balance between the two partners.

    Our concept appealed to agents' competitive natures, while forming the basis for a multi-channel campaign that incorporated traditional materials, an interactive digital component, as well as a series of nation-wide agent events. Our suite of materials had a depth that ordinary training campaigns rarely achieve. Plus, our design leveraged the strength and contemporary appeal of the Virgin brand, without stepping on Humana’s hard-earned credibility as a leading insurer.

    Agent response was overwhelmingly positive, driving unprecedented interest in the new product and helping the company enhance their brand reputation for quality and innovation among their agents.

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