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  • Humana

    Print advertising for Humana-One Autograph Plan

  • Humana

    Sales collateral featuring Humana-One Autograph Plan

  • Humana

    Print advertising for Humana-One Portrait Plan

  • Humana

    Print advertising for Humana-One Autograph, Monogram, and Portrait Plans

    The health insurance marketplace has long been defined by restrictions—on coverage, options, and just about everything else. That led to restrictions on customer satisfaction, and consequently, market growth. In fact, the only thing that wasn't restricted was customer complaints.

    Humana listened to those complaints, and enrolled Plan B’s support in developing a suite of new evolutionary personal health plans designed to meet customers' unique needs.

    We prescribed an integrated campaign that put the focus where it should be: on the needs of the individuals who buy health insurance. Consisting of print ads, internal training and sales materials, microsites, and innovative experience videos that showed agents exactly who their customers were and what they really wanted.

    Our treatment regimen involved three distinctive brands, each calibrated to attract a different market segment, helping to ensure a long and healthy relationship between Humana, their agents, and their customers.

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