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Case StudyWilson Tennis


Wilson Tennis was ready to launch a new racquet into an increasingly crowded market that was saturated with outrageous product claims that left customers confused at best, and skeptical at worst. What they needed was a distinctive image for this new racquet that would effectively convey its benefits and create active preference among the target market. That brought them to Plan B.

Research into the mindset of passionate players at all levels revealed that, while they expected and appreciated a high level of technical sophistication in the construction of high-performance racquets, what really made them connect with a particular model was how it made them feel about their game. The racquet was seen as a source of confidence, and a confident player is almost always a stronger player.

The Plan B sports marketing specialists identified a feature – innovative “leaf springs” in the frame and carbon fiber nano technology – that made a demonstrable connection between advanced technology and player feel.

Then the team developed a unique identity for Wilson NanoGraphite – WnG – and positioned the new racquet as a competitive edge that would help enthusiasts “play above the competition.” Roger Federer and Serena Williams starred in a distinctive print ad campaign that created a visual representation of how WnG helped players elevate their game.

  • Wilson Tennis

    New product logo development for Wilson NanoGraphite (WnG) racquet

  • Wilson Tennis

    New product launch print advertising for the WnG

  • Wilson Tennis

    New product launch print advertising

  • Wilson Tennis

    New product launch print advertising for the WnG

    The breakthrough campaign that Plan B created for the new Wilson WnG was highly instrumental in making the launch a success—creating a distinct brand for the new racquet that provoked an emotional connection with the target audience, without relying on sterile technical jargon. Our ads created a simple niche in an overcrowded market, and helped reinforce Wilson’s reputation as an innovative industry leader.


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    Antoine Ballon
    Wilson Tennis

    Antoine Ballon, Marketing Director at Wilson Tennis, discusses the effectiveness, creativity, and reactivity that are among the reasons he loves working with Plan B.

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