Top 11 Ways that the New Plan B Website Sparkles

Yes, it’s true! The Plan B website has a brand spanking new design. Doesn’t it look spiffy? Here are some of our favorite things (there are many) about the redesign:

  1. Stalk us on video chat. Don’t worry – we can’t see you.
  2. You never know what’s going to pop up on our Instagram feed (@thisisplanb)
  3. Test your advertising trivia smarts (maybe even win a free t-shirt!)
  4. It’s scratch ‘n’ Sniff. (Okay, maybe not. But you can scratch and listen to our favorite jams with our Spotify feed.)
  5. Go undercover and “B” the new guy with our interactive video series
  6. Peruse our entire blog digest of Top 11s
  7. Look for friends and familiar faces in our expanded people section
  8. Enjoy hours of mindless fun randomly sorting the content on the landing page
  9. One word: edutainment (do you know what 4D means?)
  10. Get your infographic fix with our agency snapshots

For the number one way that the new Plan B website sparkles, VISIT: