Michael Simmons
Michael Simmons
Office Manager

Michael brings almost 20 years of steadfast management experience to the wide-open floor plan of Plan B’s office.  He spent the better part of the past decade at an architecture firm in Chicago, where he served as a project manager and helped oversee the successful launch of two startups within the commercial architecture sphere. Now, he’s ready to take on a new challenge to satisfy his creative sweet tooth.

At Plan B, Michael’s talents are used to solve all administrative problems thrown his way. From preparing the office for the day to assisting with human resources and accounting duties, Michael’s fastidious demeanor and perfectionist attitude make him a true asset for the B.

A southern gentleman through and through, Michael earned his undergraduate degree from the University of South Carolina. He lived in Atlanta for 10 years after graduating, serving as a manager for several residential properties in the area. After a trip to Chicago, he fell in love with the city (not the weather) and decided to exchange Dixieland for deep dish.

In his free time, Michael is working towards getting a degree in interior design to help validate all the hours he spends on Pinterest. He also loves to cook, entertain guests at his home, and to travel to new places to experience different cultures and cuisines.