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You can spend many months and mucho money researching, analyzing and formulating. Or you can go with Plan B. There’s a lot that goes into category-killing business and marketing strategy. It takes experience and instincts, insight and foresight, brainpower and willpower.

What it shouldn’t take is big chunks of time and big bites out of your budget. Marketing execs often get bogged down in never-ending analysis paralyzes, wasting time and money on market research and focus groups. Rather than force clients into strategic methodology overkill that only serves to extend timelines and pad agency invoices, Plan B is the agency alternative. We find out what you need, how quickly you need it, and what type of ROI you need to meet. And when a project calls for seismic strategic movement, we’ll bust out the big guns: Emmons Patzer, a former Plan B client turned marketing mercenary.

Meet Emmons Patzer: Strategy’s Secret Weapon

Emmons is a growth strategist who’s spent decades uncovering insights that have led to tremendous growth for clients ranging from Fortune 100 companies to Silicon Valley startups. He even helped his son launch, a little startup that was bought by Intuit for $170M and boasts over 10M users. When it comes to quickly and efficiently finding a marketing strategy that drives revenue, Emmons always delivers prodigious firepower.


To unlock full potential, you need a key that fits just right. So Plan B fashions a custom solution for every client. Rather than pushing a pre-determined approach or core competency as the solution to your marketing challenge (as niche agencies may be inclined to do), we remain channel-agnostic in evaluating your market position, opportunities, and obstacles to growth. This is how we ensure our recommendations are tailored to your business. We also analyze the sum of your marketing activities (paid, owned, and earned) to understand how they are working together so we can recommend a baseline strategy with the potential to optimize them all.

Instead of a leap of blind faith, the Plan B approach is a series of measured, purposeful hops, each bringing you closer to your ultimate business goal. It helps us breathe life into big ideas to create ROI-based campaigns, without suffocating you with big agency markups or giant wastes of time.

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