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Gerber Collision & Glass

  • Gerber Collision & Glass

    The nation’s largest collision and glass repair company, Gerber has been getting damaged cars back on the road for over 75 years. They are known for “WOWing” customers with the quality of their service, making a difficult process simpler and faster than people expect.

    Their familiar “Beep Beep” jingle has been a signature feature of their advertising for decades. But as they have experienced significant growth across the country in recent years, they felt they needed advertising that was more like the national brand they have become.

    That’s what drove them to Plan B. We worked with them to identify an ownable brand position that would set them apart from the other national collision brands, while expressing Gerber’s unique personality. The result is the WOW!…DID NOT SEE THAT COMING campaign, featuring TV, Radio and Digital executions. The advertising demonstrates how – after the unfortunate surprise of a car accident – people who come to Gerber are in for another surprise they didn’t see coming: Customer service that helps them get through the repair process easily and back to their normal life.

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