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Fashion Angels

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  • Fashion Angels

    Tween craft maker Fashion Angels wanted to make a big splash with the launch of its new loom product, Darn Yarn. Given the success of the previous year's holiday digital campaign, they again solicited Plan B's support in coming up with a campaign to coincide with the busy 2014 holiday season.

    Tasked with creating multiple :15 broadcast and :30 online pre-roll versions, Plan B conceived of several ad concepts that would help "sell" the product while carefully adhering to the unique restrictions and guidelines of major media outlets ABC Family, ABC Canada and Disney Channel.

    The final spots drove mass market awareness via cable television and online, with corresponding digital ads driving traffic to an interstitial partner page where visitors could click through to retailer sites and purchase directly. The campaign was also tied in with ABC Family's annual "25 Days of Christmas" as a key sponsor, and was featured in conjunction with Disney Channel's up-and-coming tween star, Zendaya, as part of a highly publicized social media promotion.

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