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    Once upon a time, the benefits of filling tires with nitrogen gas instead of plain air were only known to professional car racing teams. (Not anymore, mind you.)

    But, back in the day, Cassidy Tires wanted to change that, and in the process, create demand for their Nitrox tire filling service that would drive repeat business. So they asked Plan B for a creative way to tempt drivers to try Nitrox.

    We proposed a direct mail piece touting the benefits of Nitrox, which include improved performance, gas mileage, and tire life. The piece also included a peel-off card redeemable for two Nitrox tire fill-ups. To take full advantage of the offer, customers would have to pay to put Nitrox in their other two tires. The half-off offer is repositioned as a ‘half-free’ offer. This makes the luxury seem not only affordable, but actually reasonable—if not downright necessary to try at least once.

    Power. Performance. Responsiveness. Yes, the benefits of Nitrox, but also the direct mail, which blew the doors off client expectations.

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