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    Azteca tortillas needed a way to translate their growing social media presence into measurable results for purchase behavior. Azteca’s placement in the refrigerated section presents both opportunities and challenges; while tortillas are fresher tasting, they also aren’t intuitively located on the shelf with competitor brands.

    On social media, notification of special offers is one of the primary reasons for consumers to follow or “Like” brands. Because Azteca had a focus on using online interaction to drive sales, Plan B created a social media promotion that would encourage users to frequently interact with the page and ultimately purchase Azteca products.

    The Azteca prize wheel promotion invited users to spin the wheel (twice daily) for a chance to win T-shirts, tortilla warmers, coupons, and a monthly cash grand prize. If a user’s spin yielded a losing outcome, he or she was invited to share the wheel on Facebook, Twitter, or via email to earn an additional spin that day, further amplifying Azteca’s Facebook presence across social channels.

    Now Azteca can boast about being the coolest tortillas around.

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