Collaborative By Nature

The traditional client/agency relationship has changed

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We embrace collaboration as a creative and strategic tool. Internally, and with our clients. We’ve literally torn down the walls that hinder progress and hamstring efficiency. Case in point: the collaborative workspaces at our office. Dedicated nooks where our B-teams can settle in with clients to discuss what’s going to make their brands grow. Equipped with iPads, Wifi, plenty of the good stuff (caffeine), and a whip-smart staff, our collaboration stations are just one example of Plan B’s commitment to keeping it real…efficient.

Drafting your marketing dream team

You may have noticed. There’s been a strong movement away from fossilized AOR-based relationships—out of frustration with mega-agency traps, perhaps, or out of a necessity to react faster in a rapidly evolving marketplace.

Plan B’s on-demand model,
cross-functional communications
experts, and unique 4D approach
make us a solid first draft choice
when assembling your multi-agency
dream team.

We understand the strategy of collaborating with multiple agency partners; it’s an arrangement that’s more than familiar to us. You often get more direct access to dedicated, highly skilled teams. There’s no internal competition for budget. No bureaucracy. Plus, smaller agencies are typically nimbler, and more eager to perform because there’s no retainer-based AOR relationship to exploit.