There is a Better WayWELCOME TO PLAN B

Bravery Loves Company

The name Plan ‘B’ doesn’t imply a second choice or a reaction to a missed opportunity. This Plan B was designed and built around one simple premise: that the self-indulgently slow and too often pseudo-scientific hype that many agencies push is, was, and always has been at best counterproductive and at worst a recipe for marketing mediocrity.

The Plan B ‘alternative’ model was designed to bridge the gap between the traditional need for AOR-style brand stewardship constancy and the best-of-breed specialization that is required in an era of rapidly expanding media and audience proliferation — where the marketing landscape is splintered into dozens of self-contained platforms, each with nuanced preferences and language and data management acumen requirements.

Simply put, Plan B’s ‘alternative’ operational principles and project management processes are designed to function like a general contractor on a brand construction site, ensuring that key brand pillars are held in dynamic constancy by virtue of diligent communications management with single point-of-contact coordination across teams of integrated best-of-breed specialists.



Successfully building and guiding unique teams of specialists, while working strategically across all disciplines to define and project the most effective messaging, requires a culture that rewards collaboration. Plan B’s ‘alt.’ structure eliminates layers of mid-tier bureaucracy in favor of an incentive structure that rewards cross-pollination between agency and client-side marketing and in-house creative groups. ‘Plays well with others’ is more than a cliché website claim. We’re actually good at it. Plan B has a proven track record of successful collaboration that we’d love to share with you. It’s at the very center of our DNA.

Fortune doesn’t just favor the bold, it favors the flexible – and the fast.

Most successful products and the brand managers that got them there understand what it really takes to stay competitive in today’s world. Strategy, of course. And technology. And teamwork. All very important. But there’s nothing more important than the greatest disruptive agent of all: guts. The guts to take your success personally. The guts to really give a shit about your brand’s success and to back it up with the guts to attack every project with an uncommon intensity and drive.

It took guts to get here, to buck the industry’s trend toward high-priced fragmented mediocrity, and instead align with client-side counterparts who insist on challenging the status quo by making their marketing budgets work harder, smarter, and faster.

So, for those marketing managers not satisfied with the limitations of choosing between traditional, strategically-focused brand stewardship and best-of-breed digital expertise, Plan B stands ready to help you produce something truly exceptional. Together, we’ll embrace the mantle of unconventional thinking to produce big ideas across any platform with best-of-breed creative work that doesn’t just meet the mark, but indelibly leaves one.