Top 11 Things Advertising Agencies Think Are More Important Than Your Success

Here’s a wild notion: your success is our success. Crazy, no?

It’s almost too simple, but our business can’t thrive unless yours does. That’s the way it works…and it’s all the motivation we need to deliver persuasive and engaging communications for your company, everyday. Sure, like every agency, we have plenty of part-time ragers who can shred on the flying V guitar. They just don’t do it on your time.
We really can’t imagine putting anything else first, which is great news if you’re looking for a true agency partner – either someone to grow old with, or just grow.

  1. Beating the rush hour rush.
  2. Winning the Golden Buzzie Aerial Advertising Trophy for Best Banner Produced For Under $5000 in the Midwest Region’s Frozen Confectionery Category.
  3. Daily regression therapy appointments for the histrionic Account Supervisor with BPD.
  4. Summer hours (St. Patrick’s Day through Thanksgiving).
  5. Regular guest-speaker appearances on the power luncheon circuit.
  6. Giving the conference rooms cool new names, like “Hogwarts”.
  7. Producing the Creative Director’s experimental documentary The History of Lunch.
  8. Impromptu happy hours.
  9. Bikram Yoga in the creative lounge.
  10. Being the first in line for the iNosehair trimmer.