The ten types of RV owners

Did we get them all?

We may run a “big city” ad agency, but the truth is we’re just a bunch of down-to-earth gearheads from Northwest Indiana (the heart of the RV industry!). Which means, if it’s on wheels, we’re totally into it. Take those majestic land yachts known as recreational vehicles, for example. What’s NOT to love about taking life with you wherever you go…the freedom of the open road? And what’s not to love about the spirited people who drive them?

By our count, there are (at least) 10 types of RV owners.* Watch the video and let us know if we missed any. We’d love to turn your suggestions into our next video digest.

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*The owner types spoofed here (and in the video) are fictional caricatures created for amusement purposes. Any similarities between these characters and actual shoppers/drivers/owners is purely coincidental!

The ten types of RV owners

Meet the Owners

Did we miss any?

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