Rachel Michaels
Rachel Michaels
Account Executive

Rachel is driven and motivated, using her passion for communication and account management to establish and strengthen positive relationships with both clients and coworkers.

Before joining the Plan B team, she worked as an account coordinator at a Milwaukee agency with clients such as BOSS Snowplows and MillerCoors. Rachel gained valuable experience in gathering market research and insights, collaborating with creatives, and strategizing projects against long-term business goals.

At Plan B, Rachel works on Tandy Leather, Tru Vue, S&C Electric, and Alva Amco. She is passionate about building brands and is intuitive to client needs, using her exceptional organizational skills to ensure deadlines and deliverables are efficiently met.

Rachel is a born-and-raised Midwesterner, having grown up in inner-city Chicago and attended the University of Missouri-Columbia. She loves to sail with her family when it’s nice out and to binge-watch Netflix when Lake Michigan freezes over.