Colin Reilly
Colin Reilly
Web Developer

At the young age of fifteen, Colin discovered the world of website design. With nearly ten years of experience in the field, he’s made a name for himself by working with various web design agencies. He’s also well-versed in the freelance scene, having completed work for clients such as WCIU, MeTV, NatureSweet Tomatoes, Subway, and many others.

At Plan B, Colin is the go-to guy on all things coding. With an arsenal of keyboard shortcuts under his belt, his smooth, fast, and productive workflow aids in the successful implementation of web content for all of our clients. Colin hopes to explore other aspects of Plan B such as marketing, content development, and gain further insights into design, or as he refers to it “the bright side of web development.”

Hailing from Mount Greenwood, home of the South Side Irish Parade, Colin’s interest in design began by creating and printing his own t-shirts. One of his biggest accomplishments to date is purchasing and driving home his first stick-shift car—without actually knowing how to drive a stick shift.

In the summer, you can catch him on his skateboard during lunch, so feel free to give him a wave!