LemonsAid Drive-a-thon

INTO “LemonsAid”

We’re as passionate about racing as we are about marketing. And out on that track, just like at the agency, we thrive on the challenge of efficiency – doing the most we can with as little as possible, and pushing our personal limits every day. That’s what makes the 24 Hours of Lemons endurance car racing series a perfect fit for Plan B.

Speaking of a perfect fit, there’s another satisfaction we derive from racing that transcends all the fun we have. We call it LemonsAid, and it’s our way of giving back with every push of the pedal. Every time we go racing, we also raise money for Alex’s Lemonade Stand – a Childhood Cancer Foundation that’s generated over $55 million in the fight to make a difference in the lives of thousands of children with cancer. It’s a life-changing organization and we couldn’t be more proud to support their efforts.


To keep things interesting, donors can pledge a dollar amount for every lap our handmade beater is able to endure. In our last race, we made it around the track 160 times – a total donation of $160 at a buck a lap, or just $16 at a dime. Any and all pledge amounts are welcome, and you can choose your maximum donation. And the best part? We match our total pledges up to $1000, so any donation you can make is essentially doubled.

Our next race, and last of the season, is on October 10-11 at the Autobahn Country Club in Joliet, IL. It’s a great cause and a great event – help us by pledging your support today.