There’s a Better Way. A Plan B.

The name ‘Plan B’ doesn’t imply a second choice or a reaction to a missed opportunity. No…this Plan B was designed and built around one simple premise: That the self-indulgently slow and steady, pseudo-scientific-strategic-development hype that most agencies push is, was and always has been, at best, counterproductive and at worst a recipe for marketplace failure. 

The days of small moves and playing it safe are done. Period. You have to take calculated risks now, and do so quickly. Because in today’s frenetic, hyper-fragmented, content-streaming carnival of a marketing environment, fortune doesn’t just favor the bold, it favors the flexible – and the fast.

Most successful products and the brand managers that got them there understand what it really takes to stay competitive in today’s world. Strategy of course. And technology. And teamwork. All very important. But there’s nothing more important than the greatest disruptive agent of all: guts. The guts to take your success personally. The guts to really give a shit about your brands’ success and to back it up with the guts to attack every project with an uncommon intensity and drive.

Plan B was founded in defiance of the slow-and-steady institutions that turned big idea thinking into a big waste of money. The same institutions that now struggle to keep pace with the demands you face every day. We saw the writing on the proverbial wall long before Facebook ever had one, and pioneered a faster, more efficient agency model that’s anything but a ‘second choice’ for our clients.

It took guts to get here, to buck the industry’s trend toward high-priced mediocrity, and instead align with client-side counterparts who insist on challenging the status quo by making their marketing budgets work harder, smarter and faster.

So, for those brand stewards fed up with the limitations of Option A, and ready to produce something truly exceptional, we invite you to join us in that cause at Plan B. Together, we’ll embrace the mantle of unconventional thinking to produce big ideas, strategic campaigns and creative work that doesn’t just meet the mark, but indelibly leaves one.