Plan B’s BombShelter™

Professional Product Bomb Diffusers.
Expert Product Launch Innovators.

Launched in late 2012 as an innovation incubator, Plan B’s BombShelter™ is a department charged not just with creating advertising innovation, but with conceiving and developing products designed to avoid the perpetually high failure rate for product innovation.

We are a small, nimble hub within an already intimate corporate culture. We have successfully incubated a handful of food product innovations designed to function as stand-alone brands. By inverting the traditional model of innovation, which relies on engineers and manufacturing R&D departments to come up with better product versions (that are then passed down to the marketing department), we assume the role of strategic-minded businesspeople who factor manufacturability, supply chain realities, retail consolidation, and the growing cost of distribution into the concept development process – but from a more strategically and creatively dynamic “outsider” position.

It’s diversity of thought and diversion from dogma — in a simple, actionable, project-based package.

Some Product Development Clients: