The Agency AlternativeTHIS IS PLAN B

AOR-style brand constancy management.
Best-of-breed cross-channel expertise. On demand.

Plan B is a tight family of exceedingly passionate account planners, strategists, media gurus, gifted designers, skilled coders, videographers, writers, and account service managers who all share one common belief: that the best way to keep our work lives as rewarding as possible is to fight the relentless forces of mediocrity with an uncommon drive to be truly exceptional at our craft.

We’re comfortably close with one another, like family, so we’re constantly engaged in the kind of constructive debate that results in more dramatic insights, more passionate execution, and more impactful results. And because we’re so passionately driven to perform at the highest level, we’re not afraid to hold each other accountable – committing to constant improvement and aspiring to a higher standard. Plus, there’s always a hint of friendly competition in the air, further driving us to shine. Yes, we love this business…and it shows.

What We Do

Plan B offers a range of capabilities to help you better engage your customers. We design and execute seamless, trans-media marketing, with a focus on developing brand engagement continuums that optimize your customers’ digitally-enabled path-to-purchase through traditional media, digital, social, mobile, experiential and in-store environments.

While we consider ourselves dedicated generalists, always open to exploring new industries and opportunities, we have deep experience in a variety of industries.

How We Do It

We’re an independent, project-based, full-service marketing partner with an uncomplicated belief that we succeed through our clients’ success. In other words, we EARN each new opportunity by exceeding expectations on the last. We believe that every marketing dollar we manage on your behalf should yield a quantifiable return. Plan B has been an industry pioneer in the design and implementation of iterative development processes that yield more cost-efficient project cycles and result in healthier brands.

We continuously strive to develop uncommon levels of trust and transparency with our clients, leading to more efficient collaboration, more actionable insights and higher-impact results in the marketplace.

Why We Do It

As a group, as a company, and as a culture, we believe in the limitless potential of each member of our team, and that a fulfilling life demands that we push our limits every day. Everything we do is approached as an exercise in improvement. We strive, through both the mundane and magnificent challenges we face, to learn, grow and improve our professional standards and personal insight.

We firmly believe that “good enough” is the enemy of great. Which is why, at Plan B, Exceptional Is The Rule. This credo is the excitement that keeps us awake at night, and the drive that gets us out of bed in the morning. It spawns a passion for impact that can’t be matched by the clock-punching mega-conglomerate-owned agency world.

Let’s go for “great” together!