We’re constantly on the hunt for kickass creatives, fearless account folks, and business development bulldogs who are bold, brave, and ready to see how real-world advertising really works via Plan B’s 12-week immersive internship experience.

Don’t worry, we’re not looking that closely at your GPA or major. What we need are students who give a shit – driven young professionals who are willing to jump into a digital ad project, storyboard session or campaign brainstorm and WOW us with creative or unconventional thinking. Students who are eager to learn, but also able to produce.

Our full-service ad shop was founded by three big agency outlaws—refugees who escaped the petty corporate BS to create a place where they could do smart work for smart clients on their own terms. Today, we’re looking for equally smart interns who are willing to throw out “the book” and use their own ingenuity and resourcefulness to help us get things done.

But it’s not all about us—when your 12 weeks here are done, you’ll likely have a decent amount of produced work in your portfolio, solid experience under your belt, and the kind of confidence you can’t get fetching donuts for corner office account directors. Did we mention these positions are paid? Yeah. You get several months of hands-on, real-world agency experience PLUS spending money for “books.”


what we’re looking for

We need motivated people who think differently,
not unprofessionally


    Flexible schedules can accommodate full-day and/or half-day increments approximately 20 hrs/week (between 9am–5pm)

  • LOCAL.

    Currently living and studying within the Chicago-metro area, with access to reliable transportation


    Able to be here at the designated start time, or even five minutes before, without fail


    Pre-arranged days off can be negotiated on an as-needed basis, but frequent “sick” days are frowned upon


    Skilled at time management and effectively able to balance coursework with internship requirements


Immediately get involved with day-to-day operations, learning valuable lessons you won’t get in the classroom:

  • Develop practical skills while learning to work at the speed of business
  • Pitch in on creative campaigns that deliver on strategic insights
  • Learn to take constructive feedback in a competitive agency atmosphere
  • Present ideas and work in front of agency stakeholders and clients
  • Improve time management and organizational skills
  • Discover best practices as they relate to traditional, digital and social media
  • Gain insight into the business-side of agency operations


Hands-on experience creating a range of creative products that may include banner ads, print ads, web page design, email communications, logo design, storyboard development, campaign concepts, and more


Hands-on experience with multi-channel copywriting, web content creation, video storytelling, proofreading, digital and email marketing, social media marketing, copy editing, value proposition development, tagline writing, and much more


Hands-on experience demonstrating impeccable organizational skills, simultaneous management of multiple tasks or projects, strong verbal and written communications skills and an insatiable curiosity to learn and think critically about business and marketing solutions for our clients across industries


Hands-on experience with project management, planning and preparing presentations, pitching and closing new business, customer relationship building, social media/digital/direct marketing, research and analysis, and much more


Let’s Do This

We are currently accepting applications for Spring & Summer Semester interns.

Internship Application

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General Information
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What college or university do you attend?
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What position are you interested in?
What days are you able to work? [20 hours minimum]
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Have questions? Email us at: Internships@planbadvertising.com