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You’re passionate about the power of the marketplace to connect people and you’re fluent in the technologies that define and shape the modern marketing world. You’re a bit of an outsider. A visionary. An innovator. A ‘Plan B person’. You seek the revelatory experience, the creative epiphany, the Big Idea.

You revel in helping develop brand experiences that combine actionable strategic insight with functional excellence to deliver the kind of emotional impact that goes viral.

You don’t subscribe to the notion that people should have to put up with prima donnas just because they’re talented. You believe people can be exceptionally talented, inspiring thinkers and great to work with.

If you’re seeking an environment that values this brand of culture over pretension and politics and there’s a position open that parallels your skill set we’d like to hear from you.

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Current Openings

  • Account Executive

    We're looking for highly motivated Type 'A's' who don’t mind facing client and project management challenges head on, taking initiative and bringing a set of superpowers to work that ...

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  • Associate Art Director

    We’re looking for an exceptionally talented thinker AND visual communicator—an Art Director with a beautiful mind who can take and own an assignment from start to finish...

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  • Creative Director (Art)

    This is a creative department leadership position requiring a practiced passion for leading a dynamic team of multi-talented art directors, designers, coders, videographers, UI/UX...

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  • Strategic Planner

    As the leader in our creative-idea-generating, strategic-thinking, client-problem-solving community, the Strategy Director's task is to lead clients to realize their full potential...

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  • Web Dev Manager

    We’re looking for a Web Dev Team Leader who can help dramatically expand our teams' ability to manage our variety of digital development projects. Someone with serious coding skills ...

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Paid student internships for fall–spring semesters:
12 weeks of hands-on, real-world agency experience

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Plan B is always in need of a few extra hands, specialists in every discipline (video producers, photo retouchers, senior B2B copywriters, HTML5 banner programmers—you name it, we need it) who can come in and show their stuff on short notice.

If you’re a local-to-Chicago independent contractor available for an onsite gig lasting anywhere from a day to a year, fill out the form below and let’s connect!

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