Top 11 Ad Agency Excuses for Missing Your Deadline

Our server has been acting strangely lately. We weren’t sure if you meant COB, EOB, EOD, EOW, or ASAP. Our due diligence process didn’t cover off on when this was actually due. Oh…you meant 5pm YOUR time!. The voicemail box you are trying to reach is full. I never got that messa…oh wait, what’s this?…


Top 11 Things Your Account Executive is doing instead of taking your call

Searching conference rooms for leftover bagels. Relaxing at the coffee station, re-living drunken highlights from the agency bar crawl at the coffee station. Scrubbing podcasts of Mad Men for vintage catch phrases. Renewing subscription to American Speed Boat. Customizing an Evite for an Ice Loves Coco marathon. Learning how to push fantasy football stats to…


Top 11 Ad Agency Phrases That Can Blow Your Budget

Apparently, talk isn’t so cheap after all. But then, what is these days? That’s what makes your budget more precious than ever. So, yeah – we’d LOVE to shoot your next “helicopter explosion” commercial, but we understand it may not be the most effective use of your advertising dollars.



LinkedOut: Anti-social behavior ironically caused by an addiction to social media Snopes Fodder: “News” created by citizen journalists (i.e. bloggers) who liberally mix fact with opinion, enthusiastically spread by armchair editors who can’t tell the difference Textonitis: Carpal Tunnel from years of hyperactively thumbing at handheld devices EmBareAssment: Accidentally sexting everyone in your address book…


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